What is ILS?

Independent Living Services (ILS) is a 1-on-1 support service for adults with intellectual, spectrum or processing disabilities, which concentrates on promoting independency through cultivating the proper independent living skills. At All About Ability we have the goal for all our participants to be as successful and independent as possible within his or her community.

Services ILS Provides

General safety education

Including pedestrian education, natural disaster safety, social situation awareness and emergency situations such as 9-11 and when/how to utilize emergency contacts.


Including understanding the nutritional value of food, appropriate portions, cooking meals using the proper appliances (stove, microwave, etc.) Additionally, how to budget, shop and follow recipes to prepare nutritionally balanced meals.


Including food, clothing, hygienic supplies, cleaning supplies and general
household supplies.


How to safely and thoroughly clean a household, creating a cleaning
schedule and using safe cleaning products and equipment.

Services ILS Provides


Food Stamps

DOR & Other Community Resource


Creating a budget for, but not limited to, rent, food, luxury items,
household essentials, clothing, etc.


Proper techniques for maintaining proper gender specific (when
applicable) hygiene such as shaving, dental hygiene and wearing clean clothes.


Consumer transportation training such as understanding bus
routes, walking and using taxi services (Lyft, Uber, etc.).


Applying for affordable housing programs, filling out applications and
understanding security deposits, credit checks, and rent.

Our Vision

Independent Living Services (ILS) is provided to an individual that meets the following


Referral Process

"AAA LLC. accepts applicants on a non-discriminatory basis according equal treatment and services without regard to ethnic group identification, national origin, race, color, creed, religion, sex, age, sexual orientation, physical or mental disability, medical condition, marital status, ancestry or political affiliation"
If you or a family member is interested: A referral packet from the participant’s Service Coordinator at the respective Regional Center must be received by All About Ability prior to any scheduled meetings or assessments. To learn more about the referral process visit our get services page!

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